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Metal Decorating Equipments

FUJI P-452

1-6 Colour Metal Decorating Press with conventional and U.V. Ink Printing incorporating many advanced features, Operationally Best and Most Efficient.

Maximum Sheet size : 45” x 38”

Maximum Speed : 7500 SPH

Gears for Cylinder and Roller Drive are located outside of Main Frame thereby eliminating oil trickle/seatter on sheets and improved lubrication to increase gear life substantially.

Image starting-point on the sheet can be set with simple mechanism on plate cylinder gear.

One touch Plate Clamping System.

Print Pressure Adjustment with Handwheel.

Alcohol Dampening System

Optional CPC Control System.

Automatic Lubrication System.

Simple operation for Mechanism & Pressure settings.

FUJI C-452

Spot Coating and Varnishing Machine for Metal Decoration with high degree of automation.

Maximum Sheet Size : 45” x 38”

Maximum Speed : 8400 SPH.

Helical Gears for Driving Mechanism.

Quick Cylinder changing.